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Welcome and Rules

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Welcome to the Reconnaissance and Scouting group build.


The build will be open for business soon from 25 February to 18 Jun 2023.


Subject matter is any vehicle or personnel devoted to reconnaissance, scouting or observation - visual, sonar, electronic.

I think we'll limit this to military uses (no civilian search and rescue).




Air - aircraft (fixed and rotary wing) U2, SR-71 Blackbirds, photo-recon Spitfires, FAC Broncos and Cessnas, drones, FW-189 Uhu, etc. Maybe even early biplanes in WWI.

Land - recon AFVs and light tanks, mobile radar stations, observation vehicles, forward observation and target spotting, etc.

Sea based - not too sure.., but patrol boats, submarines? and naval patrol aircraft.

Space - spy satellites (if anyone knows what they look like).

People - recon units / scouts, etc.


The usual GB rules apply, basically:


Models must be no more than 25% complete when entered.

Participants must establish and maintain a 'Work in Progress' thread throughout their build, complete with photographs.

Participants are encouraged to post photographs of their completed build(s), in the GB Gallery

A Poll (open to all members) will be held at the end of the GB, based on the photographs posted in the gallery, 

The GB threads should not be used for the purposes of buying or selling anything.


In case of doubt please ask the hosts before posting your thread (that would be myself and @Col. for this GB).


The most important part is of course to have fun!

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