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Persistent Presence, Armed Overwatch - Finished

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Done; all the bits added on, touch-up and varnished. No weathering on this, nor panel line wash because the photos of this airframe show it very clean even on ops in Central Europe.


I like the way it has turned out, I didn't knock the thing sticking out from one wing off, the stores are very delicate, but I found it an odd model, imprecise holes for the stores and antennae, legs that flex, correct left-right see-through wheel bays but no boxing out, some of the pieces and most of the decals not mentioned in the instructions. A bit of sun so photos here and in gallery... done before GB end. 🤸‍♂️


Thanks to @Scargsy and @Col. for running this GB, I have really enjoyed the great variety of subjects and kits, and to @Enzo the Magnificent for keeping GBs going.


The F-16 is added for compassion, flying with the ANG more than 30 years ago.






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  • Chrisj2003 changed the title to Persistent Presence, Armed Overwatch - Finished

Nicely done Chris :goodjob:

Seeing this one next to your F-16 gives a good sense of just how big this machine is. In fact its proportions seem more in keeping with that of a U-2

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