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Assembly order for Tamiya 1:48 Mosquito


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I am currently working on building the Tamiya 1:48 Mosquito.  


First thing I have noticed ... wow.  This kit's quality is so much better than the old Airfix Mosquito I just finished.  No flash.  Everything just fits.  Well engineered.


One tip for those undertaking this build.  The instructions indicate the order of build is to assemble the wings and engine nacelles then build up the landing gear.  Once the landing gear assemblies are finished, then to locate the struts inside the engine nacelles into the four locating points for each landing gear assembly.  


I found that if you bond the landing gear struts into place before assembling the engine nacelles it is much easier.  So the order of assembly is:

  1. Assemble the engine nacelles
  2. Assemble wings
  3. Assemble landing gear assemblies
  4. Bond landing gear assembly in place 
  5. Attach the engine nacelle assemblies


I just finished doing the above and moving on the next step which is to paint the rockets (but will defer assembling to underside of wing until after painting) and then moving on the interior cockpit.



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