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Reconnaissance and Scouting Inspiration Gallery

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Heller 1/72 SAAB S 29C Tunnan.



1/72 Heller + Matchbox SAAB J 29F conversion with a scratch built camera pod in the left gun bay.



Hasegawa SR-71 Egg plane

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5E87A614-4DDE-4E67-93A0-26B6F7698C19.jpg1/48 Scratchbuilt Albatros CIX designed for army cooperation roles.


1/48 Scratchbuilt Junkers  JI designed for army cooperation roles


DEF8FF95-FFDA-488A-842F-1191EEF54B91.jpg1/48 Roden Brisfit in Irish Air Corp colours again would have been used for spotting as well as bombing and fighter sweeps.

C3634232-652-B-4-EF4-B7-CD-F919-F6-B8-B61/48 Scratchbuilt Etterich Taube would have been used for aerial reconnaissance and artillery spotting.

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Not exactly  Reconnaissance and Scouting but it has a camera.




Rikets Allmänna Kartverk, (the National Public Map Office) in Sweden used three Ju86 from the Air Force between 1952 and 1957.

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Nice one, Plasticsurgeon.


I hope I have better luck attaching the props to the bushes.

Although the Recce GB aircraft will now be a Roden kit, I certainly won't be throwing away my Hobbycraft kit.

One of the reasons for switching to the Roden kit for the RB-36E is that that kit includes both props with rounded tips and props with squared-off tips.

I found a picture of a retired RB-36E with props with rounded tips, so I'll be using those.


Cheers, Stefan.

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