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  • 3 weeks later...

Kovozávody Prostějov 1:72 Spitfire PR Mk.XI MB950

Continuing the theme Yanks with Roundels, Brits with Stars and Bars

14th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron, 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group

8th Air Force, USAAF, Station 234 (RAF Mount Farm), England, early 1944

Built out-of-the-box using kit supplied decals and brush painted using Humbrol enamels. Camera ports are Kristal Klear

Build thread here

(I will probably need to buy another one that'll get more decorating - itching to add the invasion stripes on the PRU blue!)


I added just a hint of staining behind the exhausts and around the fuel tank filler.


From Oxfordshire to Berlin and back - unarmed and unescorted. Those brave young men!


I added some oil stains on the belly. If a Merlin didn't leak oil, it had ran out of it!


Thanks to group build hosts Scargsy, Col. and again Enzo for running this, and to everyone who commented and supported my build :thumbsup:. Best regards, V-P

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  • 4 weeks later...

Not really a proper finished build but I need a win and it *is* done and the mount for it won’t be done for a while yet as I’ve not started it….italeri D-21 recon drone, painted with Xtracrylix Silver, Humbrol Gunmetal and Royal & Langnickel Black 

2648-F284-49-C2-4943-ABF9-0764837993-C6. E2543-DC1-95-B3-472-C-9198-543798-CA8051661-EDAEC-87-D7-4-B89-9036-05806-BE29-B0

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This is my build of the Revell 1/72 Ju-290A-5 as a plane from Fernaufklarungsgruppe 5 in late 1943/early 1944. It was a big plane with a wingspan not much shorter than a B-29 Superfortress so handling it was a bit tricky at times - here is a link to the build thread.

DSC08061-crop DSC08053-crop DSC08055-crop DSC08057-crop DSC08059-crop

 I rather enjoyed that!



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Kovozávody Prostějov 1/72 Spitfire PR Mk.XI PL775 'A'


My first ever build on the forum, and my first attempt at weathering - Spitfire PR Mk.XI of 541 Sqn RAF, part of 2TAF and based at RAF Benson in June 1944. With the weathering, I tried to go with something that looks careworn from an intensive sortie rate shortly after D-Day, but very much not neglected and tired.


Fully out of the box with the supplied decals and no aftermarket parts, airbrushed with Vallejo paints and weathered with a combination of Winsor & Newton oil paints and Humbrol enamels. Cameras are from Humbrol Clearfix.


Build thread here - I rather enjoyed having a deadline to work to, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out!


Spitfire PR Mk.XI completed - 1


Spitfire PR Mk.XI completed - 2


Spitfire PR Mk.XI completed - 3


Spitfire PR Mk.XI completed - 4


Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome on the forum, and particularly to Troy Smith for steering me on the weathering; all mistakes and missteps remain my own!

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Spitfire PR X, SR396, May 1944. 1/72nd KP kit

More or less out of the box. The PRX was a pressurised aircraft made up of bits from the Mk VII and PRXI. Sixteen were built and it was not a success 

Build thread is here







Thanks to Scargsy for hosting the GB and Enzo for keeping an eye on us.

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Hobby Boss


Blohm-Voss Bv-141



My first entry is Hobby Boss' 1/48 Bv-141. Pretty much straight OOB. Kit decals. AK , Mig-Ammo paint.






You can find the WIP here:

Thanks for stopping by and having a look.:thanks:

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Tamiya 1/72 De Havilland Mosquito PR Mk.IV. 540 Squadron.


Built OOB as i have only recently got back into building aircraft after a 4 decade break.


“You look lovely in blue also Ma’am”












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Czech Models


Curtiss S03C Seamew



Straight OOB. Kit decals, Tamiya, Vallejo, Model Master Paints







You can fine the WIP here:

Thanks for stopping by

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1/72 MQ-9 Predator

  • Kinetic kit and decals; no aftermarket.
  • Main paint Humbrol enamels, some Tamiya acrylics for tyres and stores.
  • W&N matt varnish.
  • Finished as current-ish Texas ANG 147 ATKW fully loaded with LGBs and Hellfires as seen in photos of live fire exercise.
  • Shown with a F-16B from Oregon ANGB in 1991 for comparison.

WIP at link:







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1/72nd Morane Type P, RFC, Joystick Models

This is my second entry to the Group Build and is a vacform kit from the mid 1990s. Somewhat basic in that everything comes on one sheet of plastic with a bit of rod and some useful white metal bits thrown in. The instructions are not for the faint-hearted, and somewhat generic. Rigging is from Usti Van Rosen thread. A major challenge was how to get the wing on in the right place in a way it was likely to stay on. Build thread is here.






Thanks to Scarsgy for the idea of this GB and to Enzo for the overview.

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Junkers Ju88D of 1.(F) 121, Egypt 1942. Built from the Revell "Technik" kit with lighting and electric motors. Scale is 1/32 which makes it a big bird!











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Here's my 1/144 RB-47E Stratojet from Academy, my seventh build for the year but the only one I am likely to get done in this GB. It's a great little kit. The only tricky bit is getting the stance right - if you build this, take great care to get the two central undercarriage bays firmly glued in. I think mine got a tiny bit loose, and then there was nothing to be done about it. You can correct a lopsided stance as I did by trimming one outrigger more than the other to restore the balance, but careful construction in the first place would have been better. That can be said about more than a few of my models, but it still came out looking pretty good. I painted it with tamiya sprays - there are two subtle different shades on various panels but it's very hard to see in the photos.












There are more photos in the build thread, including the back-story of the bare-bones remote air base this photos were taken at.


 Thanks for looking!


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1/48 Spitfire PR XI captured by the Germans and displayed to their front line squadrons by the Zirkus Rosarius unit.

The doner kit was from Hasegawa, the conversion kit was from Airwaves and the decals from Cutting Edge.


52900801818_ff9d61e909.jpg   52900801858_fb43c4b817.jpg   52900356616_27009015dd.jpg

52900740310_417ae04bcf_z.jpg        52900843358_04a06f3dd4_w.jpg





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one too many pictures
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1/72 Airfix Spitfire PR XIX.

Built mostly out of box with the addition of some resin enhancements (Quickboost Propellor) and CMK etched harness and Control Panel. Brush Painted with Acrylics and decals by Kitsworld. 

Modelled as RM640 ‘F’ 682 Sqn 1945. In tribute to 400112 Phillip Greig Cameron. Missing from PR mission 09 Feb 45. Son of James Albert Park Cameron and Christina Cameron, of Colac, Victoria, Australia.


Airfix Spitfire PR XIX Airfix Spitfire PR XIX 1/72 Airfix Spitfire PR XIX 1/72 Airfix Spitfire PRXIX 1/72 Airfix Spitfire PRXIX 1/72


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                                            1/72 ArmaHobby Escadron de Reconnaissance 2/33 Savoie French Air Force 1945


Humbrol Metalcote brushpainted

Decals from the kit










Build thread is there





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Wow, right after @mackem01 posts a lovely Hong Kong-based Spitfire PR XIX, here I am to share my Spitfire PR XIX in Thai markings. PS888 came to Thailand from Hong Kong, presumably having served alongside PS852. I used the Airfix 1/72 kit and decals from Jays direct from New Zealand. I have a great photo of PS888 at the end of its life, but we'll say mine is a model of the 1954 look--freshly refinished after being handed over by the RAF. 







 Here is the WIP if of interest:


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