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The Valley Of The Vixens, where Avons love to tread.


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Crikey Bill, I only just found this one and already your hacking plastic big time and making much progress in so doing, and you had time to fit a domestic shower! Don't tell my wife!!


Two superb subjects (the kits as well as the Avons) and much to admire in your progress so far.


On 2/24/2023 at 12:32 PM, Fritag said:

Never had the confidence to follow Bill into the world of the SIHRSC file.


Soooo ............. it would seem my money is safe after all ............ 🍺


OK, I'm paying attention now I know your here Bill.




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But  how about...


Nah forget it, as to the Lightning, more has happened.




And this

Endless hours of it



Port wing bay





Starboard, I decided the single thou discrepancy was 'good enough...'


Next task, sand smooth, rescribe


Any order




This side too



I have invited our own @CedBto involve himself with sanding and hence rescribing on his Two Gals build but to be fair I might even manage that simple task myself.




Only kidding Ced I will do it, already begun now.  :) 


This was once Medium Sea Grey then experiments with various aerosols tinted the Pavla piece in a ghostly silver



Time for another run though using Hataka MSG...




Yup, that will do it.



Busy busy


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wouldn't it be wonderful if I could find an 'above' shot this beautiful?


But thinking about it that would imply the photo aircraft flying into an inward turning Lighting, not a job for my Brownie.


As most panel lines under the model replicate most above on the kit I think I will scribe similar tops and bottom and relaxxxxx

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16 minutes ago, perdu said:


wouldn't it be wonderful if I could find an 'above' shot this beautiful?

Here's a pic of that self-same aircraft when operated by Thunder City: https://www.airteamimages.com/english-electric-lightning_ZU-BEY_united-kingdom---royal-air-force_227607_large.html


Edited by Galligraphics
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Aythangyow too


(You see everybody else, this is how to do it.

Find and trust the people who know about these things and be as wise as Cpt Povey was.  OK maybe wiser than him... Wren Chasten maybe.)


A fabulous photo with every possible addition I could need for a 1/72 scale Lightning surface detail, cheers.


Now then, this is an interesting design on the main wheel doors no?



It shows a feature that ought to be impressed in the door surface like so.



Simple enough to design a tool with the recess in it I'd have thought, this was from a period when Frog and Hasegawa were cooperating with twin releases.


This door failure is not what I was lead to expect from a Hasegawa mould but in later times I had other respected manufacturers make as many daft mistakes so nowadays I simply mentally make allowances for aberrations.


But that leaves me with 'stuff' to do, on with the motley.

The tool set



The handy hand vise


Add a strip of doubled up tape sticky side out by sticking it atop the vise and stopping it lifting by a strip of tape each end, like so.



Here the first of the doors has been begun.


The actual doors are quite thick so I am not looking to make the door less bulky but the recess needs removing, here by gentle grinding away with my little Blackspur drill, which was a Christmas prezzy using a carbide/diamondy mineral grit rotating dooberry.


Here the tools



I like to keep a very careful eye upon the removing process, can't imagine why...  :) 



Not gone through yet...


After the rough turning out with rotary action I then like to finesse (ho ho) the job with one of me lovely chisels




Using the chisel lets me get a regular flat-tish playing field inside the recess and round the sloping sides


And so now the real test


Ecce daylight



Well screen-light




A little more (not much, it's dodgy doings time if not careful) scraping flattish to the plane surfaces.


And do it again, mirrorishly




Not long now




I'm sticking with this, they'll pass my OCD testing for a thou or two on opposite sides of the aeryplane.




Aye that'll do.



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Nice work on those doors, Bill. They are a very distinctive feature that would look wrong if not sorted. I remember the ancient Airfix F1 had totally flat doors without even the raised detailing that Hasegawa included. Which, as a teenager, I dealt with by painting subtle shadows on - a trompe d'oeil on a small scale...

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Thank you gentlemen, but 'tis but ordinary tool using.


You guys are the artists round here, oil dotting for example.


Unbelievable skills with paint handling, artistry and accuracy in the finish.


That is the art of the modelmaker.


I'm just an escapee from the toolroom.


But, having enormous fun.


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I know there is a Lightning in there some place Terry, just helping it to come out and play.


Like this


Tell Giorgio not to get excited this silver is just a disclosure coat, might as well get all the components into decent shape before we bolt all the bits together and you know as does everyone else that PPP is not an adequate substance to fill ripples and gaps in outer skin/shell work so the discloser shows how bad the surface is.


yes, very bad


The actual lower wing surface, as shown by Gerard Greissel's photo is smooth and with almost nothing of a real panel line on it, just variations of colour and tone.

Link follows 



But taken as a close up there is a huge amount of surface discoloration to play with, we should really get the oil dotters, Giorgio and Steve to work wonders with one.


Or two, three or simply many!




The upper surfaces are rather similarly smooth, ouch...



No silly, not yet obviously. 




Decision made, spruegoo™ is the way to go, for these ripples, when dry (if ever) it will sand or take any of  the other methods of available torture we've got.


Ordinary fillers are not quite, de rigeur, you know.


OK I'm off, I've got stuff to do.

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Looking good Bill! 

FROG managed to produce lovely shaped inner doors for the Wyvern (you then lose all the detail because they are always closed!) and just two years later the Hasegawa F-102 had lovely (but wrong) panelling inside the doors. I guess it was a question of who was on the job and whether it was Friday afternoon...




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On 2/17/2023 at 5:13 PM, Brandy said:

Oooh, nice!

You're in danger of turning into CC with all these builds on the go, but I'll definitely be following this one!



Hello Ian !!

Do this meant that I'm not an model to be followed ???:rofl2::rofl2:

With a mere 55 kits on the bench ??

On 2/17/2023 at 5:30 PM, perdu said:

Nah no chance Ian, my French is atrocious.


And I cant handle his tremendous array of beers.



Tsssss !!!

Multi builder need multi beers !!

Sound logical....


Now Gents, you are always tempting me into new builds....

See, I deel eager to go in the attic, taking these poor Vixens (An Airfix and a Dynavector one) and start another thread....

Huh !!

Time for a comforting White Chimay.....

May I take a seat Dear Colleague ??

Cannot promise that I'll behave....


Beside of all this, Nicolas, my son that made it SMW is now "studying" the skaw.....

Oh Lord, I barely understand it.... 

I don't know if there is an aircraft museum in Liverpool but I think that I'll stay away from this city....


Go on Bill !!

Now this way of using mechanics tools for modelling is amazing.... At least, there will be EXACTLY the same thickness on the wheel well....:whistle::whistle:

There's no such a thing like too much Vixens.... or Vixenes ???




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Ah there you are Alain sit ye down at the bar, I am sure Pete will have had it suitably well stocked.


I didn't stay away from the models this afternoon but as it is nearly evening a small update seems fair.


More carving of undercarriage slab doors was on today's agenda, suitably mounted of course.


These are the inside, actually very sculpted shapes on the real deal see?



faceted in many directions the slab just had to go.


Time for the trusty 'three square' needle file to get some in.




It's an engineering term, dont expect scholarly discussions from me about the name, it's older than me.


So there.

Some of the facets herein displayed




where it will live soon enough maybe.

The front of the door at the bottom has been cleared out for the landing lamp to be fitted


The one above waits.




And here is the location ably displayed at Bruntingthorpe.




Here endeth today's efforts.




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No microscope today, much, much abrading with Needle File and assorted sanding stickery.


Also a tad of plasticarding which gives me at the end these offerings



Slim fold over door panels instead of the scale six foot thick ones in the kit


Also, for effect the little bulges on the wheel doors which house the door latch stuff in service.


For me?


That'll do, the wing raised details are history too so I can move quietly on.


Awaiting delivery of dainty resin intake and exhaust vents, new wheels with correct centres and oh yes.


Airwaves Sea Vixen floors and wall units.


I dont think there'll be carpets but I dont care, I want to crack on with the fox too.


There's to be jet pipes too, yippee.


The jet pipes are home brew not after market, although I have been looking at a certain resin Vixen which has engine castings...


And there is a place atop the Lightning which has the engine access panel clearly marked.

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