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The Valley Of The Vixens, where Avons love to tread.


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A lovely drawing Dave, poached immediately

Sea Vixen Mk 2, drawing



Thanks but may I point out that the dimension I am discussing is the wingspan which is given here as 50ft (15.24m).


I promise you the length dilemma is one I intend to shy well away from far too many erudite hours of perusing that thorny subject in the past. Phew no-o-o-o-o way.

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Active Steve?


Let's see, two Hawker hunters awaiting LAG-ing, two Harrieralikes undergoing paint adjustment (some more of that this morning) one JP awaiting me getting up enough nerve to put it in the LAG queue and the Gnat under discussion about Dockerblazing.


Paint or stickers?


Looks like six and this but the painting of the grey will be a big deal for at least three of them so they must wait for favourable auspices


Sacrificial goats notwithstanding

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Of course Sir, one is talking wingspan,the gent Miggers appears to have his span and fuselage lengths mixed up there.

Anyway Sir,if one's maths is correct,the wingspan in 1/72 should be 215.8333mm,so a whisker over 215.75mm,the OAL,

again in 1/72 should be 226.6648(53'6 1/2") or a whisker over 226.5mm.



Edited by Dave Wilko
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One recalls  that savage butchery Bill, I sincerely hope you have taken tactical, situationally aware considerations aboard for next time you and that chisel approach the model.


Always cut AWAY from the human element of the Bill/Model interface.


Advice I still find myself ignoring 9 times out of 10   :( 


This morning has been a 'cut and be damned' start to my day






According to Miggers, gods let him guide me well, I need to find one and a huff Millimotors reduction.


Where's the uberfile?

Yep here she is.



After attention to both sections a gentle exploratory pushing together over the plan shows less than 1.5mm reduction but enough so that I will 'stick' at this.



so for now this is the lady's bottom face(?) which can be exposed to the world



Glued lightly together, let's see what the day brings huh?


But not immediately, I have a shower to fit in a domestic role.


No Martian, not in the Vixen.  ;) 




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My word Sir,the nettle has been most firmly grasped here.


One's own dalliance with the mighty Frog Sea Vixen began in the latter 1970's,possibly 1976 if one remembers correctly.

Spotted in a model shop in Redruth(possibly),whilst on holiday in Cornwall with one's parents,and pounced upon for the princely sum 

of around 65-70p one thinks.

One of the last Frog toolings(along with the Javelin)before their demise so one believes,it was moulded in a swirly blue grey plastic

and "banged"together swiftly upon the return home(one never did get the Javelin).


That particular model has long disappeared unfortunately.


Nowadays,one see's that we have a plethora of modern models,but reading between the lines(reviews both here and elsewhere),

it appears that most are a "caricature"at best.

It seems the old Frog(still being moulded by quite a few companies),apart from the "Highplanes" kit,for 1/72 is still one of the

"best games in town",along with yours and Miggers'work and notes,to produce a good model.


One will follow your work on it Sir with great interest.

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Thanks Dave similar back story to mine I see although I have built the Javelin too.


As one with the pen-nib jet pipes in a major early try out of the conversion game, I turned  the jetpipes for it from steel in a works 'foreigner', one of which I still have in a small drawer set alongside me now.


I'd like to point out to the assembled massive that having been in touch with Miggers he has given me carte blanche to use and publish, if I will, any of his research and actions for producing his versions.



And may I add that any help or commentary on  the subject will be welcomed with open arms from anyone here.

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Durn it, now look what you made me do.



I have this on order which is why I haven't stuck it all together yet




Which will be better than the version I did for my last little foxy build, I hope.


It will not be worth adding much inside the coalhole but something is better than nowt


So whilst waiting I think I will do a bit towards inventing the Kestrel outriggers now, ciao.

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On 21/02/2023 at 09:07, giemme said:

Plastic surgery of the finest quality, Bill! :clap:  :clap: 



I heartedly concur!

On 21/02/2023 at 09:00, perdu said:

No Martian, not in the Vixen.  ;) 

I didn't do it, I wasn't there!


Innocent of Mars 👽

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So as we wait for the combination of Hannants and Royal Snail (absolutely no clichés will be spared from airing in this build, right!) to deliver me some Sea Vixen etchy bits, pitot heads and assorted other stuff I did some research on the other pair of mighty Avons thrusting through our quiet little valley.


Frogegawanovo raised hell and all sorts of panel lines during the era this kit was delivered to our doors. (In an Airfix magazine from August 1972 the Frog Blackburn Buccaneer was 54 pence at Ernest Berwick's shop in Kettering.)

The Bucc and Lightning kits were sold in the same price range. What the hell happened?


Anyway diversion over, the panel lines had to go.





They should all rub down just a tad more when the halves become a whole.16771872165263635067074762323366.jpg


We'll see



problems ahead include




This wing is way too thick, I have to attempt to import decent enough depth for parking wheels in if the 'plane is in fright.


Laters, oh OK tomorrow, and talking of wheel wells the Vixen has nice well roof details moulded in, but as with the Lightning, insufficient depth, which will need to be imposed...


Another day another possibility.

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I wonder how deeply I can machine out the wheelwell  area in a quite thick upper wing without knackering up the outer surface with melted plastic.


These were the wings on the building it buck which is donating a Pavla interior for the comfort and convenience of the driver this time round, the cut-away  inside did melt the outer surface a little.


I'd rather not get so much extra work, ta.



The radar bullet-alike needs further work but the dear old buck gave me a lot of practice which should pay off.


Onwards and upwards.

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1 hour ago, perdu said:

I wonder how deeply I can machine out the wheelwell  area in a quite thick upper wing without knackering up the outer surface with melted plastic

Perhaps a job for those small chisels of yourn?

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Cripes.  An intimidatingly intensive amount of of proper modelling.  Never had the confidence to follow Bill into the world of the SIHRSC file.  It ain’t so much the destruction; I reckon I can do that.  It’s the making good that I’d be afeared of.


Thankfully I’ve full confidence in Bill making good and so can observe in a state of relaxation.  :D



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Just a thought? Maybe cut the wheel well all the way through the wing, make an inset lip on the top side of the cut edge then inset a piece of plastic card to make a new upper wing surface. At least then you will get a flat top to your wheel well and you have an easy sand to get the insert level with the rest of the upper wing surface.






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