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Fujimi 1/72 Nakajima B6N1 Tenzan aka Jill

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Hi everyone,

This is a Japanese plane from Fujimi. So all the boxes are indeed ticked.

This is another Christmas treat from Scottish Santa, aka @JOCKNEY.

May an endless shower of cherry blossoms rain on this holy man.


I will finish this post a bit later as a bush patrol beckons.....




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1 hour ago, JOCKNEY said:


Just to reassure everyone that isn't a euphemism for something inappropriate :blush: :phew:


Cheers Pat

I never realized before how nice it was to have a pure and clean mind!

I am now a contented soul. Thanks Pat.


But back to serious matters.

Let is talk about Jill without beating around the bush any longer.


It is a beautifully crafted kit, with fine panel lines and absolutely no flash! The downside is the extremely spartan interior, considering the huge glass house of a canopy. Big enough to grow a patch of melons at the back end of the plexiglas.

But nothing a bit of scratch cannot improve.

The decals are possibly dodgy, but the color of the Hinomaru is definitely offside. Way too vermilion.

I have some from a Hasegawa Hayate that may fit, size-wise. The others I will have to paint on blank or white decal and cut to size.


Anyway, it looks like a promising and fun build.

Thanks Pat!


Here are a few photos:


Jill 3



Jill 4


Jill 5



And a quick look at the plastic:


Jill 1



Jill 2



Well, there you have it: a Jill in all her splendor.

Enjoy this GB .



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Hi, I am trying to be disciplined and I want to finish my KUTA and FW 190 builds before I get stuck in this one.

I nonetheless weakened. After cleaning most of the parts, I assembled the wings' elements and glued the observation window on the wing's underside.

A quick photo, and the I shall return to my KUTA P-51D.

Jill 6


Thanks for watching.



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  • 3 months later...

Hi everyone,


Life has been O so demanding and busy that modelling has had to be put on the back burner.

Unfortunately there has been no serious skyving possible. 

I have worked on the cockpit that is ridiculously empty; that is work in progress.

Engine has been inserted into the cowling and the propeller is built and painted.

The cowling is where the main problem of this kit can be found. The boxing advertises a B6N1, while the cowling is definitely for a B6N2.

Instead of 1 exhaust stub on each side, the cowling displays the multiple propulsive exhausts of the B6N2. That is being changed to the correct single exhaust using plasticard and putty. I will have to make the single exhaust pipes , as those were missing from the bag.

Here is a photo of the exhaust work in progress:


Jill 8



More painful is the top air intake: the kit one is a pure B6N2 model, and the work to change it to the B6N1 shape is simply fraught with risks of irremediably damaging the whole front of the kit. As no BMer is likely to come and visit any day soon, I decided to just leave it as it is. And as nobody in a 100 km radius is likely to know that such a plane ever existed, I am safe in my forgery.

Next  photo shows the profile of the upper air intake:


Jill 7

There is still some tidying up work to be done, but the cowling's profile is clear.

I can hear a lot of you shouting "Who cares!" and you may be right....

 But in a silly way, it matters to me. Maybe I still have too much time on my hands.


Thanks for watching and have fun.



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Hi Jean,


Years ago when I bought the Fujimi kit, I got the B6N1 by mistake - one of a small range of late war JNAF planes which filled a big gap in the market, and generally build up quite well. I gather there was a bit of a "feud" between Nakajima and the IJN over this plane - not unnaturally they wanted to use their own new Mamoru engine which they thought would be more fuel efficient and have a good potential for development but the Navy wanted them to use a rival engine. Eventually the Navy prevailed so the Mamoru programme was cancelled and Nakajima were obliged to fit the Mitsubishi Kasei engine to the B6N2 after only about 133 B6N1 had been built.


I hope you manage to finish it.



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58 minutes ago, PeterB said:

I hope you manage to finish it.


Hi Pete,

thanks for the historical info, which I was unaware of.


Oh I will finish this kit, even if not this GB time frame. These IJN aircraft are quite enticing and as such deserve a good dose of TLC.




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