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Paris Air Show Kfir C.2 - Hasegawa 1/72

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Hi all! Was looking for kits which qualified for this when I saw the Hasegawa Kfir C.2 is eligible since it's original release was 1979- so I have a few kits on the way and plan to do a few different schemes/squadrons.



I have some aftermarket decals from Isradecal which come with a selection of squadrons.



The decals themself look great.



I have a few in mind, the Smashing Parrots squadron scheme is a definite:




The decals also include the Kfir's which appeared at the Paris Air Show, I'll definitely be building this one too!




I also have a conversion kit which includes the reconnaissance nose.






I'll make individual threads for each aircraft, but depending on what state the decals included are in I'll likely start with an OOB build here first for the full classic kit experience.


Thanks for looking in!

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Hi again! Picked up another Kfir, an older boxing.



The kit looks great for its age, lovely tan plastic too. The kit decals include a Paris Air Show scheme which I was planning on doing anyways so this one should be completely OOB (unless the decals give me trouble in which case I'll substitute them for the Paris Air Show set included in the Isradecal set)




Looking forward to it!

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  • Luke1199 changed the title to Paris Air Show Kfir C.2 - Hasegawa 1/72

Started brush painting them both today, need another coat of the sand before I start on the camouflage- both will be pretty similar, only difference is the Smashing Parrot Kfir uses the modern green found on the F-16s.



Thanks for looking in!

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Hi all, both coming along nicely! Some smoothing of the camouflage needed for the Paris Kfir then the undersides of both need painting. 




Hopefully get the gloss and decals on over the weekend- Thanks for looking in!

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6 hours ago, JOCKNEY said:

Wow, these are nearly finished 


What's happened since we last heard from you ?


Cheers Pat

Just busy at work at the moment Pat, was suffering from the good old lurgee too not long back- won't take long to wrap them up 😀 

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