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Centurion Mk.5 or the Strv 81

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As I managed to finish the Mk.3 I decided to do a Mk.5 as well.



As it was a bit hard with the tight fit to mount the tracks I decided to leave the fenders off until I have the tracks in place. I just hope that the fenders will fit.

This one will have a fuel cart.

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I have tried to build some "track anchors" for my Centurion using the Cameo cutter. The parts are only 8,5 mm wide.

Sadly they became a bit to wide so I have to remake them. 

Track anchors? An explanation from the Armour museum here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RsC714Yw0E

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Using the Cameo cutter for the thin parts, like the track anchors and the hatches for the boxes. I am doing extra parts for future builds.



A box in place. It is just as hard see any details of it in the picture as when building it.


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