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A Japanese attempt at Dual-Tex camouflage (well, if not, it's at least a different scheme for your JGSDF Type 61...)?


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Bored with the standard Japanese solid green or two-town green-brown colour schemes on your JGSDF tanks?


Well, here's a Type 61 with a difference!

I don't know if it's a Japanese attempt at Dual-Tex camouflage, or if it's just coincidental. Still, it's an interesting scheme that will draw the eye (and test the patience)!
















Arii used it on the box art of their Type 61 (I know, I know, at 1/50 it's not the one true scale...😉).




A potted history of the camouflage trial is here: https://news.line.me/detail/oa-trafficnews/67d99db86568.




Enjoy, and happy painting!


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