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Well hello there!


Thanks for accepting my request to join!


Where to begin? I'm sure like many, I would have started this hobby as a child before moving on to more pressing matters of adulthood and the responsibilities that follow it. I do remember 'reliving my childhood' when attempting to recreate some big 1/24 Airfix models back in the early 90's as boredom kicked in during winters in my mid-20's. Looking back though, they were probably a bit rushed and ignorant of basic techniques such as thinning paint and waiting for glue to set properly! Pretty rubbish really.


In more recent years though having become a parent, I wondered whether my son would want to be interested in the hobby, so found the perfect excuse to go and get some little kits to get started. I even got myself a 1/48 mosquito as an extra treat. As it turned out though, the enemies of finding spare time meant the kits got stashed away - until COVID! We'd already completed a Revell Apollo 11 model, which still hangs wonderfully from his bedroom ceiling (complete with 'glow in the dark' moon to set the scene), but unfortunately the fiddliness of fixing small parts together just wasn't for him. Ah well.


By this time though I'd caught the bug back - disappearing down YouTube wormholes and discovering a whole new world (to me) of weathering techniques, model manufacturers I'd never heard of, and photo-etched parts... photo-what? Wow, they look incredible and once you've seen PE you can't unsee it, so I've been gripped further!


I've ended up getting giddy and now have a backlog of kits... 1/24 Airfix Spitifre (with motor for the prop), 1/32 Revell Phantom, 1/32 Italeri Starfighter, 1/24 Airfix Mosquito... looking at a 1/48 diorama after getting giddy with 1/48 military vehicles... and that's before we talk about the plethora of 1/72 kits built! Currently building an eduard 1/48 Tempest, comeplet with PE parts - hence my need to join a forum such as this.


The Tempest is part of he 1/48 multiple kit diorama I'm building:




Refuelling Wagon

US Cargo Wagon

RAF Utility car

Various figures


What have I done to myself!!


Can't wait to get some pics up.





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Hmm... I'm afraid there's no hope for you, nor escape - you're irretrievably hooked now.  Welcome to the club!  :welcome:

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Welcome, you have joined a fantastic forum, helped me so much over the years, looks like you have an ambitious build list, check out work in progress for some great tips.



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