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How to use superglue "accelerator"


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It's amazing that I never knew there was such a thing as "accelerator" for superglue until a few weeks back.


Anyway, I got some. And it's an enormous spray can.


How am I suppose to use it? I have tested it (not on a model) and it works great, curing the glue instantly (I always thought superglue was meant to stick instantly and always been disappointed it doesn't)  but the can sends out an enormous cloud of whatever-it-is. It would completely soak an entire model, rather than just zap the bit I'm trying to glue.


Did I buy the wrong thing? I was rather hoping it would have a straw/tube type thing to direct the fluid, like WD40 cans do.

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I know what you mean. Using it straight out of the can is like using a hammer to crack a nut. I normally spray some into a container and apply with a cocktail stick.



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1 hour ago, Dave Swindell said:

You can also get it in a bottle and apply it with a brush, much more precise and less wasteful (provided you don't knock the bottle over!)

Wish I'd known that before! (I guess I could squirt some into a small bottle.)

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In the dim and distant past when I used to waste my life on CA glue I used to use a straw and gently blow onto the setting glue to speed up its setting.


Evidently moisture is an accelerant for CA and breath carried enough to get it cured, an old technique used by black powder cartridge shooters. They use a blow tube to blow down the barrel after firing and their breath carries enough moisture to keep the fouling soft 'tween shots.

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