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German WWII Pioneer Tools & Clamps (635018, 019 & 021) 1:35


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German WWII Pioneer Tools & Clamps (635018, 635019 & 635021)

1:35 Eduard Brassin PRINT




All AFVs are issued with a set of pioneer tools when they take delivery of their vehicle, which are usually clamped on the outer surface of their ride using metal or metal and leather clamps that were (relatively) quick release for easy access.  The crew would use them to repair their charge, dig latrines, trenches and other such earth works, and if they were really unlucky, they’d have to use them to dig out their own or a comrade’s vehicle if it became mired in mud or snow.  Eduard are using their new 3D printing facilities to create a range of accessories to detail up your AFV models – specifically WWII German with this batch.  Many AFV kits are simplified when it comes to pioneer tools and their clamps, so adding a selection from these sets should improve the look of your finished model.


Although these sets arrive in a flat package, the directly 3D printed parts are safe inside a clear plastic clamshell box inside the package, which also has a sticky pad inside to prevent the parts from rattling about. The parts are printed resin, attached to the base via thin tendril-like fingers that are easy to cut off and sand the little upstands away, leaving them ready for action.  All the sets have protective arches around the more vulnerable areas of the printed parts, although inside the little boxes and pinned down by the adhesive pads, they should reach you in the same condition as they left the factory.



WWII German Hammer (635018)

This set contains a printing base with four hammers, one of which is without clamps so that it can be depicted in-use or laid down somewhere.  In addition, there is a small fret of Photo-Etch (PE) that should be folded up onto an open-sided box to accommodate the square end of the hammer’s head.







WWII German Axe (635019)

Containing four printed axes on a base, three of them have two clamps along the shaft, while the fourth is without them to allow its use in a diorama or candid position.  A small PE fret is included to be folded into a shroud that the axe head slots into to protect the crew and any riders from injury.  Curiously, one axe is designed to be stowed vertically, which would be risky unless it was up against a vertical surface.







WWII German Clamps Type 2 (635021)

This set has three print bases with clamps in different positions.  The largest base holds thirty clamps in the closed position, with a further ten un-latched but closed, and another ten in the open position.  This will give you a choice of poses for the equipment in use or absent, as if it was removed by different people with their own idea of how to leave the empty clamps.








Detail is excellent throughout, and the removal of the parts should be simple, although it’s best done under magnification for surety of cut, making sure the carpet monster is away at the time. 


Very highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of



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