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Czechoslovakia Avia S-199: A "Minor" Gustav

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I finished this some time ago, but realize I never did an RFI. This is a 1/72 Czechoslovakian Avia S-199 built from the KP "Diana" kit. I built this as part of my "Minor Gustavs" project, modeling Bf 109Gs and derivatives (which the S-199 is) in service with smaller air forces.




It's a nice kit, although the new S-199 from Eduard no doubt relegates this to the "also ran" category. Decals were poor-ish quality, but with some work came out alright. Was planning to build it entirely OOB, but the kit was missing one of the MGs for the cowling, so I swapped out an AZ spare that included the upper cowling and the MGs built in; otherwise, she's OOB. I sprayed the camo with a Tamiya rattle can. The yellow spinner is a bit of a question mark, but I decided to go that route in the absence of anything definitive suggesting otherwise, because I'm a big fan of bright colours!









And here's "Diana" with her sister Gustav from Romania (a Ga-6 from the Hobby Boss G-6 kit with Resin MG bulges and decals from RB).




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39 minutes ago, georgeusa said:

You don't normally see a Czech 199 modeled.  This is a wonderful build and finish of an older kit.  Thanks for sharing it and good job on it.

Thanks! But should have been clear, this is not the old old KP kit (which I have in the stash).




The "Diana" kit is from 2013 or so. 

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