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Ultimate Modelling Products - Full Range 2023

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Ultimate Modelling Products have been formulated and designed specifically with the modern scale modeller in mind.


We are a small, family run modelling company established in the Summer of 2013 by a couple of avid modellers based in the UK and now owned and managed by Lee Larholt.


Our range of building, painting and weathering goods have been designed to help modellers of all skill levels achieve better results with their scale model projects. Whether your chosen genre is aircraft, AFV, ships, sci-fi, automobiles, figures or scratch building you will find a use for one of our products.



Ultimate APEX Airbrush


The Ultimate APEX Airbrush has been designed as a multi-purpose airbrush for all your spraying situations, from tight lines to a wide spray pattern.  

The Ultimate APEX Airbrush successfully negates the need for several different needle and nozzle sizes utilising a progressive needle system, which covers nearly all spraying patterns and paint consistencies.  There is also a reversible needle guard for even closer detail work.  The APEX sits comfortably in the hand with the aid of an added finger rest for those long spraying sessions.

Extremely easy to use and maintain, this will be your go-to airbrush on your workbench....


  • Progressive needle (0.35) for virtually all your spraying needs
    Finger rest for superior handling
    Solvent resistant 'O' rings
    Superb balance
    Reversible needle guard for precision work
    Heavy nickel chrome plating
    Plastic colour cup cap for ease of use
    Adjustable trigger tension
    Self-centring & sealing fluid tip
    Each unit hand tested
    Full range of spares and upgrades





Ultimate Air & Brush Thinner and Air & Brush Cleaner


Ultimate Air & Brush Thinner is specifically formulated to work with ALL brands of acrylic modellers paint, Ultimate is the only brand of modellers acrylic thinner in the world able to claim this!


Our blended formula of six ingredients ensures a fast drying, smooth finish every time, no matter what brand of modelling acrylic paint you use. 


Also excellent for thinning hand brushed paints such as Citadel, Vallejo Model Color and the like.


Ultimate Air & Brush Cleaner is specifically formulated to work with ALL brands of acrylic modellers paint and ALL types of airbrush. Fast & effective, our cleaner is not overly aggressive and will not ruin the seals in your airbrush.


Also excellent for cleaning your paint brushes and as a general paint cleaner.  We have added a blue dye to the cleaner to be able to distinguish it from our thinner.



Below is our new (March 2022) recommended Ultimate Thinner to paint ratio chart.... A FREE A5 hardcopy with every Ultimate Thinner purchase! 





Ultimate Primers


Our Ultimate Primer is an acrylic polyurethane self levelling surface primer with micro filling capabilities.  Offering simple and easy application with excellent adhesion and durability, it dries to a hard flat finish and is simple and easy to clean up.


Ultimate Primer can be applied with a brush, airbrush and sponge for use on styrene, plastics, resin, metals, woods and various other substrates. There are several colours to choose from: Grey, black, white, gloss black and pink.


Available in 120ml or 60ml bottles - No thinning needed - Sandable after 2 hours - Best applied with a 0.4 or larger needle - Spray at 20psi - 30psi - Spray light layers - Allow to dry 10 minutes between coats - Model is ready for paint after 30 minutes - Allow 24 hours to fully cure - Always remember to close cap properly - Clean your airbrush immediately after use with Ultimate Airbrush Cleaner





Ultimate Sanding Solutions




Ultimate Modelling Sanders


Our range of specially produced Ultimate Modellers Sanders provide an excellent abrasive solution for the discerning modeller.


Uniquely shaped they are provided in several grits (100/180/220/240/400/800/1200) and a buffer (3000/12000). They are long lasting and washable, which will allow them to be used to their maximum potential with the minimum of waste.




Ultimate Thinny Sticks


Our range of Thinny Stick Sanders have been developed specifically to help modellers get to those hard to sand areas on all genres of models.


They come in five grits (180/240/400/800/1200 and the NEW Thinny Buffers) and are uniquely shaped to accommodate all your fine sanding scenarios. They are made from the same high quality materials as our Modellers Sanders and are available in packs of six.




Ultimate Customisable Sanders


Our range of Customisable Sanding Sheets have been developed specifically to help modellers get to those hard to sand areas on all genres of models.  With the Ultimate Customisable Sanding Sheet you simply cut the shape and size you need.  Sanding shapes how you need them!  No matter how small or thin you cut it, it will give you the finish you require.


They come in four styrene backed grits (240/400/800/1200) and are uniquely shaped to accommodate all your fine sanding scenarios. They are made from the same high quality materials as our Modellers Sanders & Thinny Sticks.  They're available in packs of three sheets.







Ultimate Photo-Etch Placer


Our photo-etch placer is a re-usable wax based positioning stick that will help you to hold and place even the smallest piece of photo-etch or styrene. A real helping hand when dealing with the more fiddly side of modelling.





Ultimate Weathering Washes


Ultimate Weathering Wash has been formulated with several key non-toxic ingredients to bring you a superior clay based wash to add detail and realism to your model. 


There are nine vibrant colours in our range to cover the most widely used in modelling today - Dark Dirt (New Formula), Light Dirt, Mud, Sand, Rust, Concrete, Earth, Winter & Algae.





Ultimate Decal Setting Solutions


We have three different grades/strengths specifically formulated for all aspects of decaling - Normal for normal decals on regular surfaces, Strong for normal decals on hard to conform surfaces with strange angles and irregular shapes and then the Extra Strong for those stubborn decals like Shunko on tough, demanding and irregular surfaces!







Ultimate Polish System


The Ultimate Polish System has been produced using technically advanced formulas to bring you the absolute best four step polishing program for your models.


This is a four stage polish system to make your vehicles look ultra clean - #1 Compound, #2 Polish, #3 Wax, #4 Shine.







Ultimate Pigments


Ultimate Modelling Products Weathering Pigments are made from the highest grade pigments available.
Our pigments are extremely versatile and can be used to create dirt & dust, rust, burnt out effects amongst many others for AFV, cars, motorbikes, sci-fi and most genres of modelling.


They can be set in place with either a thinner, matt or gloss varnish to seal in place. They can also be used to create a variety of weathering effects including mud and ground effects etc. using a PVA based glue, and bulked up using static grass to add texture.


10 colours in the range - Dirt, Black, Sand, Sandy Earth, Rust, Light Rust, Earth, Mud, Ash & Moss.





Ultimate Burnishing Liquid


Our new product is a must for any armour modeller that likes to upgrade their AFV tracks to something like the Friul Models excellent metal track systems.  For a non-uniform finish leaving a plethora of tonal variation that needs no extra weathering afterwards.


Can be used up to three times per bottle...!!!


Extensively tested to work with most types of metal tracks, you can now naturally weather white metal tracks. Just dip the tracks in the liquid for a few minutes and the metal will begin to appear dark and rusty, easily and effortlessly. You can vary the effect using different dilutions and lengths of time in the solution as well as different types of agitation.





Ultimate Modular Storage System


3D printed in Gunmetal Grey PLA to match the rest of our product line, the Ultimate Modular Storage System is flexible, tough and easy to use.


All modules fit perfectly with any other module from the system using a simple internal clip system and can be used in any combination you can think of, in fact, the arrangement possibilities are endless!


There are three size groups with 33 different modules in total - Small, Normal and Large.  Each group has a sub section also so, there are 7 groups in total Half Small (HS), Small (S), Half Normal (HN), Normal (N), Half Large (HL), Large (L) and Extra Large (XL).  Each sub group has different module configurations.

Modular external sizes (LxWxH)  .....  Half Small (HS) - 70mm x 35mm x 20mm.  Small (S) - 140mm x 35mm x 20mm. Half Normal (HN) - 70mm x 70mm x 40mm.  Normal (N) - 140mm x 70mm x 40mm.  Half Large (HL) - 70mm x 70mm x 80mm.  Large (L) - 140mm x 70mm x 80mm.  Extra Large (XL) - 140mm x 140mm x 80mm.


There will be more modules and styles added to the line over the coming months.  If you have a request for a specific internal configuration, such as for your favourite tools or something else, please feel free to email us and make a request.  I'm sure we'll be able to design and make one to your own specs.


You can add a new module every time you shop with us and increase your modular system over time. 

Start building your perfect workspace now.....





Ultimate 3D Printed Modelling Solutions


Tamiya Tape Dispenser



Sprue Holder



Small Storage Bin



Decal Solution Holder for Micro Set/Sol



Weathering Wash Holder For UMP & other brands



Paint Cup Holder



AIZU Tape Holder



Tamiya Glue Bottle Holders (several configurations)



Mr Hobby Glue Holders (several configurations)



Organic Storage Bin



Airbrush Holders (for most makes except triggers and Mac valves)








If you have any questions at all regarding our products, please feel free to drop me a PM  :D

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