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1/72nd Mikro Mir AW52 'Flying Wing' refugee from GB

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This is a build that has finished after being started in the Prototypes, Special Schemes etc GB. The AW52 was built to test the feasibility of the flying wing planform and also laminar flow, for a projected flying wing airliner. Two were built, the first one flew in late 1947 and crashed in May 1949, the pilot John Lancaster, becoming the first British pilot to make an emergency ejection. This airframe, TS363, being the depicted by the model. The kit is by Mikro Mi,r is a bit of a curates egg, but eventually built up into quite an imposing model. The WIP is here


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That's a lovely build of a beautiful airframe


My Father had aviation books from the 40s and 50s and I well remember the pictures within of the AW52 - well done on this!



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Thanks for the kind comments everyone. It actually turned out a lot better than I thought it might. I seemed to spend ages building up the centre section (largely with items that will never see the light of day). Once that was together, the rest was fairly straightforward. It is a kit that is baffling rather than poor. For example why are there only a couple of holes in the undercarriage bay for the landing gear when the gear itself has pins to go into nonexistent holes. The diagram that shows where the 3D decals go (a last minute addition?) clearly shows the offset location for the base of the control column, which is not mirrored in the kit. What did help with the model was that I managed to apply the topcoat of Halfords Appliance White in an even fashion without flooding the surface. It went over white primer, and I let everything set hard between coats. In the end just brushed clear over the decals and merged do well into the finish that I opted not to varnish the rest for rear of messing it up. The paint is quite a hard finish and not going to come off easily. 

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