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Very Fire 1/350 scale USS Atlanta tape up review, assembly tips and part’s scans.


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The Very Fire 1/350 scale USS Atlanta is the first injection molded kit of this Pacific War US Navy Light Cruiser.


The kit comes in a standard version and a deluxe version, which includes several photoetch sheets, turned brass barrels, turned brass masts and yardarms, anchor chain and a metal name plate.

The kit is well engineered and the fit of all the superstructure parts and the guns is exceptional. The hull and main deck fit is also exceptional and the kit has a lot of small parts.


Out of the box the kit is outstanding and if you want to build a museum quality ship model, he recommends considering upgrading all the kit’s guns, radars, small boats and lookout chairs with metal barrels and photo-etch , and resin for boats 

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It is a beautiful kit. If I was being picky, my only criticisms would be that the aerodynamic round- down at the edge of the main deck needs to be more pronounced, its a characteristic feature of the last of the pre-war designed USN surface combatants, and the hull plating is a wee bit prominent. Neither is a killer.





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I acquired DX variant. Its definitely next on bench. And first one that can be built almost OOB... Antislip walkways on main deck are bit thick, but noting that can be solved with little sanding. Also boats and launches can be improved a bit. Surprisingly plastic AA are almost good as they are.

Small points: Check boat/launches disposition on late '42 scheme, and color scheme for '42 gives wrong hull color wrong. It should be 5N. I didn't find clear port side picture to check disposition of blotches on superstructure co I can comment on them.

So if ANYONE has such picture, I would APPRICIETE if you supply it, thanks in advance.

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