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Academy 1-72 MH-53E

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With the P-51D done and on the shelf, and the He-280 back on the table I scanned the stash and decided a chopper is due. Picked out this one and will try to go for the White JDF Bird. This should be an easy build with a challenging paint job. 




WzSIoWHm.jpg RyNUreVm.jpg ADMmwW9m.jpg

QcexpQzm.jpg BHDAvzfm.jpg




Stay tuned.




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Oooh, I like. An interesting choice of subject and markings. I have the kit in the stash plus the 1/48th kit, which I have purchased a lot of AM parts for. Maybe later this year or early next.

I'll follow your build with interest.



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This past two weeks I managed a lot of bench time - but could not bring myself to sit down and write.

I'm now masking with MicroMask and have to take breaks between layers so I might as well update this build log.


The fuselage is closed and I'm gluing the outer stuff.

Two major takeaways from this build:


1. This chopper is BIG - in 1/72 its almost as long as the 1/48 H-280. 

2. Old mold 1/72 kits just suck with poor engineering. This kit has parts that resemble short-runs

Want a few examples?

Checkout the sponsons - nothing by way of guiding or fixing:

i7V9SXmm.jpg xKLWx54m.jpg0LWVW9zm.jpg


Or this strange engineering:



The bottom part of the chopper and the floor of the cargo hold are also a strange piece of engineering.


The cockpit is simple enough - and I fought the AMS urge quite well. Well, almost, just added a couple of boxes to the rear part.





I failed to win against AMS when I noticed the magnitude of grills and exhaust ports. This is the first time for me - I took the DSPIAE electric grinder, armed with a drill, and went to town. The same took in high speed generates enough heat to make it a hot scalpel:





The tail was more challenging:







The rotor base was glued, but the glue drooled all te stopper piece - I had to cut it and work something else:

oKVMhyIl.jpg m6QnB12l.jpg


Fixing inside the fuselage was almost notional, same with engine#3 exhaust, almost no location features:



I had to glue the fuselage from the Front to the Back in several steps and then do the same for the bottom part:


2Fwtd9wl.jpg 1ND7s0Vl.jpg


You can't see the time spent on filing, leveling, filing {repeat} - rrrghrr


Cutting those miniature masking parts for the canopy lookednot funnot-fun' so I decided to mask with Micro Mask. Most of the features on the canopy were boldly marked. I hope it will go smoothly.

I did put some transparent green on the top windows.



That's it for now.

Comments are welcomed.









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I'm doing the Italeri version at the moment. USN colours.

Using the Eduard set, mostly for the grills, and the Reskit exhausts.

Lots of opportunities to get the putty out.

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