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Sova-m 1/72 Fairchild T-46A Eaglet Trainer


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For my second build of the year here is the Fairchild T-46A Eaglet from the Ukrainian short run company Sova-M. The T-46A was supposed to be a replacement for the T-37 Tweet under the US Air Force's Next Generation Trainer program in the 1980's but, due to cost overruns, delays, mismanagement and not a little politics it was canceled after only 3 aircraft were built and the T-37 wasn't finally replaced until 2009 by the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II. This was the last effort from the old Republic Farmingdale Long Island facility which was closed after the cancelation 


This is a classic short run kit with poor fit and vague instruction. Particularly problematic were the engine nacelles with their poor fit to to the fuselage and lack of left/right symmetry. My first impression on opening the box was; there are sure a lot of parts for such a small bird. There are a total of 89 parts, plus a small photo-etch sheet and canopy mask. The photo etch sheet contained fuselage strakes and some vent openings but no seat belts. The canopy mask was of the vinyl type and I found that they were too small, didn't stick well and were generally useless But it came out nice and as they say; all's well that ends well. The decals were printed by Decograph and were very thin and they had a tendency to stick where they first land and not move. I would highly advice that anyone working with Decograph decals first give them a coat of Microscale Decal Film. On the plus side there was no silvering and the thin film disappeared once applied


Total build time was 14 days.








Next up in the Italeri OH-58D.




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Those short run kits give a nice choice of aircraft we would never see from mainstream manufacturers. I know the struggle too well with the Sova, Amodel, etc kits and you did a great job!



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15 minutes ago, Lightningboy2000 said:

Looks like Saab must have been working with Fairchild when developing their 105/SK60. Looks very similar in parts. 

It does, but the Saab is 20 years earlier, so it my have bee the other way around


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