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s.E.Pkw Kfz.70 with Zwillingssockel 36 (35503) 1:35


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s.E.Pkw Kfz.70 with Zwillingssockel 36 (35503)

1:35 ICM via H G Hannants Ltd




The Horch 108 was developed and then built by Horch as well as Ford Germany as a heavy off-road transport for troops, light transport, searchlight and anti-aircraft installations.  The passenger variant was known as the Kfz.70, but with the addition of the anti-aircraft mount in the passenger compartment, it was sometimes known as the Kfz.81.  They were widely used by the Wehrmacht in various roles throughout their spheres of operation, and this model was employed as a mobile light anti-aircraft unit, having MG34 machine-guns on a twin mount that was capable of rotating 360° and was effective out to 2,000 metres in a similar manner to the ground-based MG34s, with a high rate of fire that often led to them being employed as fire support when they were handily placed.  Eventually the type was withdrawn in favour of the more flexible kubelwagen.



The Kit

This is a relatively new tooling from ICM, dating from 2015, but adding a twin machine-gun mount in the rear to improve the overall value and give it a more aggressive countenance.  The additional instructions for the machine-gun mount are given on the last two page of the booklet, once the vehicle itself is completed.  The kit arrives in a top-opening box with a captive inner flap on the bottom tray, and inside are seven sprues in grey styrene, plus a clear sprue, a sprue of flexible black rubberised tyres, a small decal sheet and the afore-mentioned instruction booklet.










The model is built up on its ladder chassis, including the engine, transmission, suspension with nicely moulded springs, plus body supports, brake hoses and exhaust system.  Overall it's a very nicely detailed underside, with the engine being the focal-point.  The hubs are split between inner and outer halves, which facilitates easy painting of the wheels and tyres separately, and installation of the tyres on the hubs without struggle.


The coachwork is assembled on the floor plate, which has the rear wheel arches moulded in and stops at the firewall, with spaces for the driver's pedals in the left footwell.  The body sides are added, with moulded-in framework, and the dashboard is fitted between them to stabilise the assembly.  The dash has a decal for the instruments, a handgrip for the co-driver, heater ducting and a lever beneath the steering column, which is added later.  The front inner arches are glued to the underside of the body, and a rear load cover with moulded-in seat back is applied over the rear arches, after which the two rear doors and their handles are installed.  A delicate (in this scale) framework is fitted between the rear seats and the driver's area, with the fifth wheel behind the driver, and a set of bench seats in the back of the rear compartment, which also have delicate framework under their cushions.  The front seats are individual, but of similar construction, and have space for the supplied KAR98 rifles between them, with two more pairs fitted in the rear compartment.  The windscreen is of the flip-down type, and has two separate panes added to the frame, with no windows supplied for the sides, as it is modelled with the hood down.  The doors can be fitted opened or closed, with their own separate handles inside and out.


Once the chassis and body are mated, more of the underpinnings are added, and the radiator with cooling fan are attached along with the louvred bonnet and front bumper irons.  At the rear the hood is constructed from four parts, sitting on top of the load cover in a folded state, as there isn't an option for a raised hood on this variant.  Wing mirrors, pioneer tools, front headlights with clear lenses, and number plates are dotted around to finish off the main build.





To make up the gun installation, the ammo cans are made up first, joined to the twin frame, which then has the gun mounts fitted on top.  The guns are still fitted with their bipods, which along with the breech cover are moulded separately to the rest of the guns.  If you’re a detailer, you may want to drill out the muzzles very carefully with a tiny bit in a pin vice.  With the guns on their frame, the outer frame is fitted around it in two halves, slotting into the pivot points moulded into the frame, and supported by a cross-brace lower in the frame.  Another bracing strut fits across the front and has a canvas brass catcher curtain suspended beneath it that is attached to the tube by a series of rings moulded into the part.  The conical base is built from two parts and inserts into a socket in the underside of the outer frame, then it’s a case of making up the seat that fits at the very rear of the outer frame, and choosing the correct sighting part for your chosen pose, pivoting the guns to an appropriate elevation during the process.  A pair of greyscale scrap diagrams shows the two finished poses.




There are three markings options on the decal sheet in various camo schemes, ranging from panzer grey, dunkelgelb and a camouflaged version striped with both the colours of the other options.  From the box you can build one of the following:


  • Russia, Autumn 1942
  • Sapper platoon of Heavy Panzer Battalion 501, Schw.Abt.501, Tunisia, 1943
  • Russia, Summer 1943






Decals are by ICM’s usual partners, which is a guarantee of good registration, sharpness and colour density, with a thin gloss carrier film cut close to the printed areas.




A well-detailed model of a common vehicle in Wehrmacht service, with added fun-factor thanks to the twin MG34s in the rear that take up the room previously allocated to an extra bench seat.  Imagine the noise!


Highly recommended.


Available in the UK from importers H G Hannants Ltd.



Review sample courtesy of


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