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1:72 Rafale E IAF hobbyboss

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Hello to all of you guys and girls.I want to present you my 1:72 Scale Hobbyboss Indian Air Force rafale E.The kit is built pretty much oob.The only thing added are a noseweight,home made seatbelts and the great caracal decals for the Indian version.I painted the kit in gunze acrylics and weathered it with oil colors.


Enjoy the photos













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Dragan, to use a term in American baseball parlance………”You hit a home run” with this one.  You’re piling up the impressive numbers for sure.  Great results as always. :goodjob:



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Looks really nice but a suggestion - the IAF Rafales are very new and they don't have such prominent panel lines or wear. Toning that down a bit would make it spot on for an IAF bird

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Thanks guys.


Regarding the weathering.I did that because the photos I found were of only brand new rafales and those were really boring.This makes it look a bit used and in a matter of years I can bet they will look more worn than my model :D

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