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1/72 P-47B "Double Twister" Converion Done

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21 hours ago, AdrianMF said:

A truly weird one - looks as though it has got more blades and larger diameter! Thanks for bringing this curio into the sunlight.




Thanks, Adrian!


Not sure about the correct prop diameter, but this is what I had laying around.  It may have been smaller diameter in real life -- who knows?  At least, it's better than the one I had before....



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15 hours ago, Hopesdaddy said:

Interesting build, great job painting the overall yellow, looks excellent in my eyes.

Thanks, Hopesdaddy!


It was my best guess.  Just goes to show that the hardest part of modeling is NOT building the model, but finding accurate information about the aircraft itself -- particularly reasonably accurate line drawings.  Over the years, that one single thing has been the delay in building some of my models.  Thanks to the computer age, info has never been easier to find, but not all info exists!


We can all hope for a better future!



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