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1/72 Tamiya Fw 190-D9

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This will be built in tandem with the 'A3 I have as well then we'll see how I get on if I build any of the Eduard 190's I have. I must get on with a couple of KUTA builds as well so not too sure when I'll get on with these, good job I'm retired and just starting to get the old modelling mojo back 🙄


Opening shots :






Will be OOB but not sure which of the 2 marking options to use yet.



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Getting started with this in conjunction with the A3 on another thread.

This moulding for some reason doesn't seem quite as crisp as the A3 for some reason but still streets ahead of most others including recent Airfix toolings. I just realised this is only the 3rd Tamiya I have built in the 40 odd years since building a lot of their 1/35th scale military vehicles back in the 70's! Seams still to clean up, paint to do on the interior parts. Great fit of the wing to fuselage.

More soon.



DSC_0099 DSC_0098


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