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Hansa-Brandenburg W.29, Flashback No. KLH8919 in 1:48 from 1998

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Hello Friends,

Here is my entry to this GB - Flashback No. KLH8919 in 1:48 from 1998.
Not sure yet but if I manage to find good resource pictures the will be in Danish colors, a Search And Rescue aircraft belonging to the Danish Navy.

Web rendition:

Actual aircraft:

Missing the box - but here is the content (sorry, need to fix my focus):



Looking forward to this, :) Happy Modelling all!


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Great choice Zack


Can I recommend using red decals stripes rather than masking unless of course you are a rock star at masking in which case, please share your secret !


Best of luck


Cheers Pat

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If it bothers you, the fuselage is reportedly too shallow and the engine is the wrong type. There should be a few articles about the kit on the Internet. If it doesn't bother you, it'll will stil look like a W.29 I'm sure. Sorry I can't elaborate, it's been a long time since I read up on the kit and nearly built it. Still in the box, still intend to do it eventually. One thing might help, since the kit came out there have been several guys producing far better sheets of Naval hex camo, and IIRC Aviattic still do some (although in the photo you've shown it isn't clear that the pattern is evident, at least to me).


Here's a link to a build article:    https://www.internetmodeler.com/2001/march/aviation/Brandenburg_W29.htm



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Added a link.
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