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Alfa 159M 1/12 MFH

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My first MFH made a few years ago. I love him. I love Fangio...;)


50137009261_51155f92b3_h.jpgIMAG3391 by Tomasz, on Flickr

50136466753_65d1af67b4_h.jpgIMAG3428 by Tomasz, on Flickr

50137010066_adb3cd9055_h.jpgDSC_0644 by Tomasz, on Flickr

50137246302_9d3c806fa8_h.jpgDSC_0645 by Tomasz, on Flickr

50137246917_aa4d15a0f6_h.jpgDSC_0662 by Tomasz, on Flickr

50137247412_6bd1066827_h.jpgDSC_0666-crop by Tomasz, on Flickr

50136469053_dbfe2616d3_h.jpgDSC_0690 by Tomasz, on Flickr

50137248117_68d581b207_h.jpgIMAG3390 by Tomasz, on Flickr

50136469728_c4d93458a6_h.jpgIMAG3412 by Tomasz, on Flickr

50137248772_22b90d5505_h.jpgIMAG3418 by Tomasz, on Flickr

50136470108_9e3b380287_h.jpgIMAG3432 by Tomasz, on Flickr

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Wow, where to start...  Conventional superlatives seem to be totally inadequate.  This car simply looks...real.  No matter how closely you look at the details, the engine bay, the cockpit - everything looks real, even down to the suggestion of mud in the tyre treads.


Indistinguishable from the real thing is about the greatest compliment you can give any model and this certainly qualifies.  Amazing job.

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Yet another exceptional build from you.


The shot with the cover off exposing the fuel tank which demonstrates that it doesn't look particularly strong, and also how vulnerable the position is, makes me wonder how anyone survived this era of driving. You can certainly see why the drivers preferred not to use seatbelts on the basis that if there was a crash it was better to be thrown clear of the massive fireball which used to be your car.

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Another stunningly beautiful model Tomasz, your detailing and finishing are incredibly good and most realistic! And your photos always show your work off to its best advantage!



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