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DCS VSN F-4 Flyable mod


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2:28 looks nice to me.  I know HeatBlur will release a great paid module, but if $ is an issue, the folks over at VSN have done nice work here for us.


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A number of people feel that the flight model on this is wrong.  I think that it needs refinement.  Hopefully the folks at VSN will rework the FM a bit.  I have found a number of procedures on my internet wanderings and can post them here if anyone is interested.

60 Second bombing tutorial:


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There have been updates and a large skin pack is available. 


You get the patches from this discord(I didnt have to create a permanent login)  Get the latest version of the mod, FM patch etc etc.


Discord link https://discord.com/invite/g7yMmKYs


Skins and J model

This is a fairly large file.  The skins are somewhat replicated. 1 Batch(with the asterisk) has no formation lights, the other batch has lights.



Training videos - Don't know how he does it, but, he puts indicators on the buttons you should be pushing for start up etc etc.



A nice 18 min vid in VR. F-4's escorting a B-52


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F-4's and some Thuds(quickly)

19 Minutes.  I enjoyed watching the other phantoms landing.  Yes, the VSN F-4 isnt perfected yet, but I hope that they continue to improve it.


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