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Taipei City airport, January 23

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Just a few of the aircraft that landed at Taipei’s city airport yesterday. This is the smaller, regional airport within the city itself, not the larger international one at Taoyuan, which is about an hour’s drive from Taipei itself.


We were actually visiting Taipei rose gardens with my in-laws, but it happens to be right under the approach!

Not the best photos as they’re just snaps on my phone, but some rarer colours that may be of interest?











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21 hours ago, junglierating said:

D'ya know what companies they are..looks like EVA.

Happy (Chinese..emm Taiwanese) New Year btw 

Thanks! Celebrations in full swing here, though winding down a bit now. 

Yes, the props are EVA regional and the green Boeing, then there’s two other Taiwanese airlines, Tiger Air (budget apparently, a bit like EasyJet), and a China Airlines one, which despite the name is also Taiwanese not Chinese, and flies routes to Japan and other Asian countries. In fact my brother in law and niece had just been on a ski holiday to Japan on a China Airlines flight. 

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