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SR-71 Blackbird - Revell 1:48 Out Of Box

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Well, here she is! Revell's 1:48 SR-71 Blackbird in all her glory. This was a project asked of me around August last year, in order to be done for SMW'22 at Telford. It was a big project and down to the wire as I was still working on her at 2am on the Friday I was meant to be leaving for Telford!

Anyway... Built for Revell UK, she shall be seen at various shows, both model related and not, advertising the Revell brand and what they are capable of producing, around the UK this year. She's now in their capable hands for the foreseeable future, so it was a good thing I was taking photographs of her at 2am, almost reminiscent of the night before Telford.

Safe to say, I probably won't build anything this big again, especially to photograph as it was a nightmare to even get these half decent shots!

Not a bad build and if you take your time, everything fits fine. a Few sink marks needed filling here and there but nothing major or to worry about. 

See you round!













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I'm working on two of the Italeri kits right now. The Revell kit has to be a HUGE improvement over that. Your build looks great!

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Looks really sharp! I thoroughly enjoyed building this kit, makes the predecessor completely obsolete. Genuine shame they didn't include pilot figures as the display stand is a great idea.

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