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Greek Ghost Camo

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I'm doing an F-5A in this scheme and have used Humbrol enamels 127, 140 and 145. The first two are best-guess substitutes, as the Humbrol equivalents for the recommended FS colours either don't exist or have been discontinued - and I'd rather avoid mixing.


I fear I've gotten it slightly wrong as the contrast between the three colours is extremely low, to the point that the delineation is hard to see and they almost blend into one another.

This is somewhat true of the real aircraft painted in this scheme also, but not to the extent that I've come up with. Maybe it'll look slight different under a coat of varnish..


I'm wondering whether anyone else has done anything in this scheme, and what colours they used. Cheers.

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You could always try searching  HERE to see if you can find the correct FS number already made. This is not straight forward and may lead you down a rabbit hole or two in the process but I do find it a useful site.



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Thanks for the reply - I'd had a look at IPMS; that's what indicated that the colours I wanted were only ready-made in acrylic, which I'm not interested in, or not easily available where I am. Hence me wondering what others might have used.


I have yet to put on most of the final colour (145). Might just add a small drop of bluer blue to subtly change it and increase the contrast a bit.



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