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Colouring LEDs


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Hi all.


Got a bit of a niche question so I hope I put it in the right place. Short story is, I'm building a more ambitious project and will be attempting to incorporate some LED lighting into it. I haven't received the LEDs yet, but in the off chance I need to adjust their tone, can you paint over the plastic bulb housing with a clear acrylic colour? 


I tried Googlin it but no definitive answer. Most things seemed to think I meant the big LED bulbs for a room over a small 5mm one, and kept mentioning heat resistant paints.


One place mentioned markers to colour clear bulbs, but I specifically need any clarification on clear acrylic (either Tamiya or MiG Ammo). Bulbs will be running off battery packs. 




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12 hours ago, Casey said:

Funny, I watched this quite recently:





11 hours ago, jenko said:

Try over head projector pens . The permanent  type.





Nice, thanks, Casey. Thanks, jenko ^-^



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