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We're here FOUR the money!

Admiral Puff

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As seen in Wal-mart


( usually in the potato chip isle..  

Man, ... you can't "un-see" THAT!!! )


(   in the Summer, they "migrate " to the ice cream section. In Winter, the bakery department

I once saw one in the Deli department ... that's when I realized,  THEY WERE CARNIVORES  !!!    .....     I  stood back a fair bit and studied  them from afar..... )




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only available in America


(Thankfully there is no Walmart in my area of the world although the local 'wildlife' here is growing larger and weirder every year)

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Don't worry ... we export 


( I thought they were there with their children ... but, it was just innocent bystanders sucked into their gravitational field. )


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