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Cessna 185 Skywagon "Danuta" - Kovozávody Prostějov - 1/72

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About the aircraft:
Cessna 185 Skywagon - a six-seat tourist aircraft from 1960. Produced in several variants (also for the military); about 4400 were produced.
About the copy:
Donated in 1963 to the Institute of Pediatrics, it was not certified in Poland, so it was not registered (an invention of capitalists?) - so it flew with American registration used by the Central Sanitary Aviation Team in Warsaw. After 1971, it finally made its way to Krakow.
About the model:
The base is a Cessna C-180/185 Skywagon kit from Kovozávody Prostějov (KPM0232) in 1/72 scale. I retrofitted: bottom and tail lights, antennas, entrance steps, Pitot, exhaust, tailwheel cables, and redid the main landing gear and tailwheel shins. I redid the hood a bit (holes, radiator, engine outline). I notched the horizontal stabilizers. I made up decals: Cessna (hood), skywagon X 185 (sides), door lettering (kit ones are too small), registration (wrong typeface omitting all the red surround). I masked the crosses on the wings (decals are too big). The paint scheme is a bit inaccurate (horizontal stabilizers). I guess that's it... At the end a nice, though imperfect, miniature was created. Feel free to visit the gallery.



























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Fantastic micro-modelling there ( or that`s the biggest match in the world ), looks superb

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Oto doskanala praca!  Czy zmienilesz sylvetke kadluba, sczegolnie przy ogione?  This is outstanding work!  Did you change the fuselage contour near the tail?  I am most inspired by the way yours came out (not translated into Polish, sorry!)



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Wow - wonderful!


You've certainly done that kit justice





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