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Trumpeter 1/350 Graf Spee

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And in the meantime, a little light work. Graf Spee in camouflage Dec '39, with whom she was in the last fight. Trumpeter plastics (it works without much drama), Eduard and Mk1 combination sets, Master model metal pipes, PA Black cat 3d print (highly recommended), Wood hunter deck... Not perfect, but finished. And thats all for now... Next in pipeline is Academy's 1/350 Warspite with Pontos set, cheers!


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 The details of the building look very tidy but I don't know whether they are accurate or not - battleships aren't my field. However, the dramatic weathering grabs my attention. It's very dramatic in a style that I call Grand Opera. It doesn't matter if it's exactly realistic. The important thing is that it stirs the emotions. On your ships it gives me a feeling of weight and strength and age. It speaks of the power of the ship and its battles with its main enemy, the sea.  

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That's really nice, a good weather beaten ship. Your details look really nice as well, like the straps holding down the ships boats, very good.

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