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Prototype: AirKits 1/72 Polikarpov VIT-2 "tank buster"

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Unplanned entry. During the frost wave the humidity in my loft has jumped to the point when drops of water started condensing on the walls and ceiling and damaged some boxes. Among these boxes was this beauty so I decided to salvage the kit by building it









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I guess I owe you my gratitude. 
2023 was maybe the worst year in terms of modelling output for various reasons. I only completed one model and I was not feeling any interest of doing anything until I received a notification of topic reply, I was curious where am I with this model, blown away the dust, did some sanding and polishing, painted here and there and, like it happened many times, found myself in full model building mood again.

The photos of the prototype show pronounced panel effect so I used three different shades of aluminium. One of the problems is that I run out of Mr. Resin Surfacer and it is discontinued. Regular Mr.Surfacer does not stick to resin good enough 😕 Any recommendations for resin primer? 






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