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Raised panel lines problem.


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Hello, I got to build for my teacher Spitfire Mk.II from Monogram and F-15C from Hasegawa (first released in 1974). All these models have raised panel lines and I dont Know how to build it to look somehow decent.

Build it how it is with raised panel lines (somehow restore those panel lines) or rescribe it?



Martin V.

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If you have the patience, rescribe it

Before construction;

Get a sewing needle and very carefully scratch alongside the raised panel line. Scratch that line a few times and you'll have rescribed the plastic

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I suggest getting a JLC razor saw (or equivalent), instead of a needle. With a needle you're pushing plastic to the sides, creating two raised lines that you'll have to sand off. With a JLC saw (held at an angle) you're actually cutting out a panel line, you'll see a small curl of plastic. Use the raised panel lines as a guide, like Black Knight suggests. And count on quite a lot of failed lines, and repairs. I think rescribing lists high on the most hated tasks in scale modeling 🙁



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Maybe not bother rescribing?  When I build such a kit, the only rescribing I do is where panel lines have been lost.  No one in our club (includes several Telford gold winners) has ever noted or commented on the subterfuge .  I guess they might just be being polite, but that seems unlike them!  😂

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I've made quite a few older kits now with raised panel lines and i don't bother rescribing but use preshading which helps break up the monotony. If you're brush painting you could still try this.

Afterwards i do try and rub some weathering pastels or powders carefully along the lines with a small brush or sponge tip and then wipe off the excess.

What i keep meaning to try is to preshade the panel lines with a very small brush so making them more of a solid line, and then overspray the final coat as it may give the impression of a panel line wash, but i need to try on some scrap first to see what it looks like.

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What I have done on some models with raised surface detail is, once painted, decalled, sealed with coating of choice and dry, I gently rub them down with worn wet and dry. This reveals the lines well and adds a little bit of weathering. It gives an even finish especially over any markings.  A wipe down with damp tissue or something cleans up any residue.

 This method works quite well on models in dark plastic as the gentle rubbing down takes the paint off leaving the base plastic colour an surface detail.

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