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Tamiya 1/48 F-16CJ Block 50

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Greetings all,


I have attached some pictures of my latest build.

Out of the box including decals. My first OOB build since the 80's!!!

A great build with only minor grumbling around the main landing gear extension struts.

Im not sure why the exhaust nozzle looks white, its actually silver to the naked eye.

Im considering adding stretched sprue static dischargers but not sure.....











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13 hours ago, GRIM REAPER said:

I'm afraid the pics aren't showing.


8 hours ago, Boman said:

I'm also not able to see the pics? 

Village Photo never renewed is security certificate so depending on your browser the pictures may not show. Right click on the broken link and select Open in new tab and they should appear in the new tab

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17 hours ago, Ad-4N said:

How are the kit decals.  I hear Tamiya decals are thick.  

It was the first time i have used Tamiya decals. Now that you mention it they were a little thicker than aftermarket decals and for some reason I had trouble with silvering that I have never had before despite being applied to a gloss coat? 

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