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A Pair of Gloomspite Gitz Rockgut Troggoths, dead thread, photos lost.

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Or as I prefer to call them, Trolls. They are nasty lifeforms made of rocks and malice.




This one I started yesterday and finished this morning. His name is Fe. Can you guess why?




His weapon of choice is several tons of statuary which provides a nice contrast with the living rock of the troll himself.




How the weapon is deployed. 


The other figure was finished before Christmas. 




His name is Cu. Guess why?




My best bit on Cu is the crystal cudgel The highlighting came out just right I think.




Best bit on Fe is that claw which I managed to wet blend. Of course, magnified, it looks rubbish . 😲




I spent more time on their rock crusted rear views than the front.


Great fun to paint, brilliantly designed. I think they are the best Warhammer models I've done so far, certainly in terms of enjoyment.


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yes, GW changed all the standard names into something stupid.

btw, i like old design of GW miniatures more then current products.


you should try old small griffon, much better the latest one. and it is interesting to paint feather.



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