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1/72 nine Hurricanes, two Mustangs, two Gustavs, a Spitfire, and black Lightning - ModelingEdmontonian's 2022


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I was surprised in counting up how many models I've completed this year that it was 15! Granted, many were actually started in 2021, but still well over one per month is a better rate of completion than I expected. Mostly 2022 was focused on carrying on with my "Hawker Hurricanes around the World" project which I began in 2021 (I built 10 Hurricanes that year!).


My Hawker Hurricane additions for 2022 include seven from "phase 2" of my project, which is modeling versions in service with Allied or non-aligned air forces.


Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Airfix Mk I)




Ireland (Arma Mk I)




Republic of Yugoslavia (AZ Mk IV)




Turkey (Mistercraft Mk IIc)




Netherlands (ML-KNIL) (Arma Mk IIb)





India (Smer Mk IIc)




Portugal (Arma Mk IIc)




I also completed my first Hurricane from "phase 3," those in Axis service. In this case, a captured Japanese version (Arma Mk IIb) which I built as part of the Japanese GB.




And then I added a "civilian interlude" Hurricane as part of the Prototypes, Racers, Research, Record breakers, Special schemes megaGB, Hawker's own post-war G-AMAU in the markings it wore for the 1950s King Cup Race. This was a fun one!




So those were my nine Hurricanes.


I began my "Last Legs Ponies" project early in 2022, modeling American fighters that ended their services lives in Caribbean air forces. So far I have completed two P-51Ds, the first from Costa Rica (Airfix); the second from Dominican Republic (Tamiya); and then I added a Nicaragua Air Force P-38 Lightning (Hobby Boss P-38L) as part of the P-38 GB. Here they are all together.




I began my "Minor Gustavs" project in March 2022, in which I am modeling Bf 109Gs (or derivatives) in service with "minor" air forces. I have completed two so far: a Ga-6 in postwar Romanian service (Hobby Boss G-6) and a "Diana" Avia S-199 (KP) in Czech markings.




Finally, I joined the unofficial "Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire GB" in December 2022 to complete this Swedish S. 31 (Airfix Spitfire PR XIX), completely OOB and done in just over three weeks (crazy fast by my standards!).



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