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Just Passing Through: 192TRS RF-4C

Old Viper Tester

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RF-4Cs of the 192nd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron, 152nd Tactical Reconnaissance Group, Nevada Air National Guard out of Reno IAP, on the transient ramp at Edwards AFB.


65-0875, November 1981

65-0875 192trs nv-ang KEDW 19811116 17cr


65-0875 192trs nv-ang KEDW 19811116 11cr


And the same jet in April 1984

65-0875 192trs nv-ang KEDW 19840419 37cr


Thanks for looking,


Old Viper Tester

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Nice pics. Always remember the aircraft magazine Take Off which I got every copy of as a youngster doing an article on the RF-4's titled 'Recon with the High Rollers'.

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