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P51-B Seat Belts


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Hi all,


Ive started my second build, a Tamiya 1/48 P51-B.  The cockpit sections has been assembled and I've noticed that the kit doesn't come with any seat belt decals.  what do you guys normally use for your seat belts, do you make your own or use after market options? Any recommendations would be greatly received.



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In 1:48 I'd be tempted to go for aftermarket seatbelts.


A few to choose from here:



Don't worry too much when it states 'designed to be used with' and specifies a certain kit. Seatbelts can be fitted (bent to shape usually) to any seat and I think these are all for the P-51 (if I've done the search right).


Good luck with your build.


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Slight correction if you don’t mind, the correct designation is P-51B. On to your question, depending on the degree of accuracy and ability, the simplest would be to just use strips of tape painted a light khaki, next step up would be to use aftermarket belts, the etch ones are near scale in thickness but can be an aggravation fitting into place. The 3D printed decals are usually easier to fit since the are flexible, a little white glue will usually work for attachment. To me at least, using tape but adding buckles and latches with fine wire becomes the most complicated approach.


I build exclusively 1/72 and opt for plain strips of tape especially if the canopy will be closed or otherwise sufficiently hidden (think a B-17 or Vulcan) occasionally use 3D printed ones.






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Link to Kits-World 1:48 3D printed USAAF seat belts:



Haven't tried them, but they look nice and are probably easier to deal with than PE.

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Even if I mainly build 1/72, I like the realism given by photo-etched seatbelts. I have a number of "generic" sets (WW2 RAF, USAAF, Luftwaffe, Italian..) and each of them usually include 4 to 8 complete belts. For those kits where I do not use belts from the sets my favourite material is aluminum foil, usually taken from medicine blisters or wine cork wraps, that I cut in strips of the required width. I prefer this material to tape because I can bend it in whatever pose I want and will retain the shape. Metal foil can also ve embossed with a steel pin to reproduce the stitching, fitting holes and similar details.


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