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AMT 1/25 International Harvester Scout

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Hi guys, this was built for 2022's Blitzenbuild GB. The Blitzbuilds are always fun events and the Christmas version is even better. 




I chose this kit because of the low parts count (although there are over 53 of them!!). It's an old kit, dating back to 1976 I believe. It lacks detail in most departments but the overall appearence is great, making this a fun build. As is the standard for Blitz Builds, the maximum build time is 24 hours so you don't want to be too worried about any flaws on the model. I didn't like the yellow but I never follow the instructions with regard to colour anyway. I wanted a '70's / '80's vibe for this one and I think I got it. 


Here we go. The body colour is 40% Tamiya Red Brown (XF-64) and 60% Tamiya Copper (XF-6). All chrome is Greenstuffworld. The bonnet was glued shut, there's really nothing worth showing under there. 




















No rear view mirror in the kit so that was scratched and yes, a pine tree air freshener as well, courtesy of some fellow Blitzenbuilders who insisted this is a mandatory item. 






Those large white decals went on pretty darn well by the way. Also, the tyres are very good.


There are not really any parts where you can glue the body shell to the interior so the shell sits loose but it's sort of on there enough so that it doesn't come off too easily.


Build log here, full album here.


Thanks for watching!

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8 minutes ago, Spiny said:

Hard to believe that went together in about 1% (I'm not exaggerating!) of the time it would take me to build it. Excellent work.

Thanks Spiny, you're right, I don't think this Blitz Building thing is for you 🙂

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