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An RAF Me 410 B-2/U2/R2 - Meng 1/48. +++++Finished+++++


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Congratulations Mark, another excellent build. The radar array looks particularly good , accurate or not, you would have fooled me. The paintwork including the mottling is exquisite.

Upwards and onwards...



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19 hours ago, hendie said:

well done Mark. That's a fine job on that radar

Thanks.  Simple as it is, I’m happy with the frame as the kind of thing I find very tricky to do.


19 hours ago, AdrianMF said:

On the thing-stuck-to-the-windscreen issue, who says the real one had a "quality automobile" finish there anyway? It doesn't affect the pilot's visibility and cosmetic issues like that may not have been top priority of German manufacturers in the later war years.

Thanks Adrian.  That’s a really good point, and not just because it suits me.  

15 hours ago, AliGauld said:

Mark that really is particularly fine work.

The whole ensemble is simply stunning.

Fantastic work on the radar array, that just finishes off another high quality and fantastic build.

Thanks Alistair, very kind.


10 hours ago, k5054nz said:

Exquisite work, Mark. Congratulations on an all-round stunner!

Thanks Zac, much appreciated.


56 minutes ago, heloman1 said:

Upwards and onwards.

Thanks Colin, onwards to Lee on Solent SAR Wessex HU5 as it happens…





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Really impressive work Mark !!

Congratulations !!!


How did I miss this thread ??

The camo is top notch...

And me too... The simple Môtling word make me shiver...

But one day... I'll have to finish mu Uhu !!




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