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Excellent work, the kv, the base and the figures all look top notch! Really like your paintwork and weathering on the turret in particular, always the main focus point on the kv2, so all your work on it really pays off. Were you debating on showing it with some script on the turret? I think it's a bold choice to show it without any writing but it really gives you a chance to show off your weathering skills and I think makes the turret seem even larger and imposing, if that's even possible! 


The little barrier in the scene adds quite a bit-made me think 'and what's that going to do?' Again just really shows off the size of this beast. 


Well done and thanks for sharing 

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15 hours ago, Watto said:

Cracking diorama, the tracks and weathering look really good. The way the bike is leaning again the barrier makes its inclusion more subtle than if it was standing on it's own. 




9 hours ago, Phil1960 said:

Subtle weathering. Well done👍




3 hours ago, StuartH said:

Outstanding work in all departments.

Very well done 👏


Thank you for your kind words~
Have a nice day

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Hi Michael,

Now, i can see pics, and I think it's the best work I've seen from yours so far, with a very high level in all aspects, and one of the best KVs 2 I've seen so far. good job!


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