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NSR 500


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I'm not going to pretend to know anything about the Honda NSR 500 racer... truth is, all I know is what was written on the Tamiya instructions.


Spent about nine weeks on it and for a majority of that time it's had my undivided attention, just doing a little here and a little there. Because it's a racer, the only 'shiny' on it are the satin chrome exhaust tips, and for that I used Mr. Hobby lacquer 'SM206 - Chrome Silver'. I also home mixed the dark aluminium / light gunmetal tone for the frame rather than the flat aluminium that Tamiya call-out.


Fairing & mud-guard are Tamiya rattle cans and match the decals perfectly. Talking of which, there are a number of imperfections - all user error - in the decals especially around the intakes ahead of the No.3 decals, so there's some touching-up there. Again decals were applied over about six sessions, I spent a lot of time with the Micro Sol, cotton swabs and the hair-dryer, rolling and conforming them to the complex shapes of the fairings. Not 100%, but close-enough-for-government-work !


So that's all to say, have a brilliant Christmas & New Year. Please comment, criticise and ask any questions. Cheers from a VERY humid NZ.





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Good work. 


I remember this being, imo, unnecessarily awkward due to the front and lower fairing being connected, and the tank connected to the seat unit.

I built this prior to investing in PE saws. If I had the chance again I'd separate those parts. 

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