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In Detail - Special / Modelling the old school way

Achim Engels

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This is a free PDF downloadable book. The idea is to create a growing book that features all models held in our collection/museum and to show how they have been made using simple old school modelling techniques most of us used when we were still little modellers. 




Hope you enjoy.



Our growing model building book has received 16 new pages. This time it is about the construction of our diorama "Old Red Beard is waiting".


The book will gradually show all the models in our museum and also show how they were made with model building tips.


We build models in the old traditional way and without a lot of fancy modern techniques of the big 'professionals'. Just as we have done it as children in the beautiful, joyful way.


The book is available as a free PDF file for download. The browser address always remains the same.









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