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A6M3 Zero Tail Wheel PRINT (648787) 1:48

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A6M3 Zero Tail Wheel PRINT (648787)

1:48 Eduard Brassin




We’ve reviewed the recent minor retool of the new Eduard Zero, which is the A6M3 Type 32 in ProfiPACK guise, which you can see here if you haven’t yet.  It’s a gorgeous kit, and these new sets have been created in parallel to give the modeller who is in search of even more detail than is possible with injection moulded styrene, even with today’s advanced techniques.  There were originally eight sets in the review pile, so to avoid burn-out of your scrolling finger, we snipped them up into bite-sized chunks.  This last set covers the tail of the beast, and takes that area to a new level of detail.  Eduard As is now usual with Eduard's smaller resin sets, they arrive in the new shallow Brassin cardboard box, with the resin parts safely cocooned in bags, and the instructions folded around acting as padding.




This set consists of four 3D printed parts, all of which are attached to printing bases by thin tendrils of resin that are easy to remove.  The first task is to remove the rearmost section of the fuselage under the rudder, as well as the bottom pin from the rudder itself, and a portion of the internal structure aft of the arrestor hook, all of which is marked out in red on the instructions.  The fuselage closure included the new bulkhead, which is covered with detail, and has the mounting points for the gear leg printed into it.  The leg has the small tail wheel integrated, and has a small sheet of C-shaped kabuki tape masks (not pictured) to help with painting, after which it can be glued to the bulkhead with super glue, adding the wishbone structure that supports the rudder pivot, and four short lengths of wire from your own stock that are colour-coded to help with arranging them.  With the internals complete, the 3D printed tail fairing is painted on the inside with Aotake primer, picking out the delicate ribbing that is printed on the inside in addition to the riveted outer skin, which has a hollow pair of fairings at the root of the elevators.  The kit tail-light is reused to complete the tail, and as well as making your model just that bit more detailed, the set would be of great use to anyone depicting a maintenance diorama where the fairing has been removed during the process.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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