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Algy Spurr #2, Tomahawk of 112 Sq, blurry serial... any ideas?

Troy Smith

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Is there any chance of more details on dates/units involved and/or higher resolution sections of the photographs, like the serial area?


AH877 was on SS Trewellard on 5 November 1940 when the entire ship was cancelled by the Admiral Sheer, being a Tomahawk I it would not have been used by operational units, the code says GA = 112 squadron which flew Tomahawks June to December 1941.


All the Tomahawk I and IIa went to Britain, as did the early IIb, with some IIa and IIb later exported.  The IIb serials sent direct to the Middle East start at AK346, exported from the US in January 1941.

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I think it can be identified as Tomahawk IIb AK377 which served with 112 Squadron and had the Codes GA V. US Serial number is 41-14888.


http://raf-112-squadron.org/raf_kittyhawK_codes.html#:~:text=(AK377%2CGA V)%2C 41-14888

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