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USS Portland LPD 27 queries

Michael Morris

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I'm looking to make a 1/700 scale mini diorama of the recovery of the Orion capsule of the Artemis 1 space mission by USS Portland (LPD 27). I've identified that Hobbyboss's kit of USS New York (LPD 21) would probably be the best base model. However, I will still need a couple of extras to complete the set up.

Firstly I need to change the decals, any idea where I can get the correct number 27 to change the designation on the side of the ship?

Secondly I'm going to need some 1/700 scale dirigible boats to copy those shown in the picture linked below. Again, any idea where best to get these?




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I would search Shapeways for the inflatable boats but it's conceivable to scratchbuild them too. I've built a couple. It's not too hard, if a little exacting.

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