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HO/OO 3D Printed Nissen Huts on eBay


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Hi all;


Though I would share this little nugget I found on eBay recently. 3D printed Nissen huts that come in a modular form so that you can build the huts to the size you want. They come with the side windows too which is handy and usually omitted from other kits . Very nicely printed and barely any clean up required. I bought three sets recently which builds three huts, but of course could build two larger sized huts for example. I'm really pleased with these and thought I would share them here as although they are HO/OO, I guess they could be used on a 1/72 airfield diorama without too many quibbles. I've got the Ratio and Italeri Nissen huts already, but I like these as they are nicely done and afford the builder the choice of hut size. No affiliation with the seller, just a nice product I thought I'd share. Not a bad price either.










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